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Think about these fun or interesting quotes, phrases, sentences, or paragraphs:

  • A life of all work and no play is as bad as a life of all play and no work.
  • Pressure level zero.
  • If you take ten steps each day, then after one hundred days, you will have taken one thousand steps.
  • One way to inspire yourself is to inspire others.
  • Do something every day that makes you feel good and have hope for the future.
  • Anger hurts the beholder the most. Learn to let it go. Feel something positive.

More ideas by others:

  • If you're worrying about something, then it isn't happening, because if it were happening, then you wouldn't be worrying. You would be reacting. (Gavin de Becker)
  • If you've got an idea that half of the people agree with and the other half disagree with, then it's an interesting idea. (Jonathan Quong)