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Learn to do mathematics


Math is fun. Usually the best way to learn how to do math is to practice doing math. Find textbooks that offer helpful explanations and problems with answers. Try to do the problems and check your work. If you get stuck on the problems, let yourself struggle. Professional mathematicians are usually either frustrated or confused, and slowly finding the solution is part of the fun. If you do not understand what the problem is asking, read the examples earlier in the chapters. If you do not understand those examples, try to find an alternative explanation of the concepts in another textbook or video, or ask someone for help.


  • Khan Academy has many excellent tutorials on math
  • Wikipedia is a great place to start learning most math topics
  • Your local or school libraries probably has many math books
  • Most math textbooks are available at Library Genesis

There are many YouTube Channels that make math more fun. Here are a couple:

  • 3Blue1Brown
  • Numberphile