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I use a 1-click install Ghost image on DigitalOcean for my personal blog,

To set up one for yourself, see How to set up a Ghost blog on DigitalOcean.

What I like about Ghost:

  • You can limit who can read your blog by with a password or paywall.
  • The rich-text Markdown editor in the Admin portal of the site resembles how it looks on the published content.
  • You can draft pages and posts in Ghost and share links to them without publishing them.
  • Ghost has built-in support for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Ghost supports high-quality images, and it has built-in integration with Unsplash.

What I don't like about Ghost:

  • Ghost is a Content Management System, so by default, you have to write in its built-in Markdown editor. You need to put in extra work to use another text editor.
  • Ghost blogs cost money to host because you need server resources.
  • The default Ghost themes aren't scalable because they lack sophisticated navigation. If you want a better theme, you need to pay money or build it yourself.