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Golf is a fun but difficult sport. It's fun because you get to walk on grass while spending time with other people, but it's difficult because you need physical and mental strength and flexibility to play well.

Barriers to entry

It's difficult to find or introduce new people to golf. Geographic, social, and economic factors prevent people from joining the sport. Anyone who is interested in joining needs to:

  • have interest in playing.
  • be strong and flexible enough to play.
  • have friends or instructors to teach them how to play.
  • have the minimum level of equipment required to learn how to play.
  • be located near practicing facilities.
  • have time to continue practicing.
  • have money to pay for practicing facilities.
  • have money to pay for new or improved equipment.


To learn how to play golf, go backwards from the green to the tee:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Putting
  3. Chipping
  4. Pitching
  5. Sand
  6. High irons
  7. Low irons
  8. Hybrids
  9. Woods
  10. Driver


The following videos, books, and written materials are written by professionals and are great for learning. They are especially helpful if you can't afford private lessons or want written and video content to supplement or accelerate your learning.