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Dear G,

I want you to know that you a concrete part of my life, and that I'm happy to give you all the space you need to recover from the ills of life.

But I also want you to know that when you are away, I miss you. I feel the ache of our distance throughout my body, from my head, to my chest, and down my tummy. I feel it spread through my groin and to the tips of my toes. I feel the mess in my routine as I wonder what to do with my time without you to accompany me, and I feel the emptiness in my thoughts and words as I struggle to think and speak without you to listen to me.

I know that sometimes you feel that having so much responsibility and power over another person's thoughts and feelings is a heavy and unpleasant burden. But I want you to know all this not to weigh on that burden, but to lighten your load for the journey ahead. I want you to know that, after you do what you need to do, whether it's to work through your personal struggles, trauma, or other difficulties, there is someone waiting for you, ready to embrace and love you for all you are and all you are going through. You won't be alone after all this, and I hope that can help you maintain your resolve.

You are resilient, and I've always admired that about you. You will find a way through the abuse that you have suffered. You will see its end. You are young, and you are precious. You are strong, and you are tough. You are the future, and you will withstand the long and painful journey of progress.

I wish I could help you more on your journey to freedom and righteousness. I wish I could tell you what to do and see to it that those who hurt you crumble for their wrongs against you. But all I can do is give you air, let you breathe, and watch you grow. I know you will thrive. I'm rooting for you all the way, no matter the space.