What is a .page domain? Why do you use it?

All .page domains are included on the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload list, which means that web browsers will only interact with this site via Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). In other words, all communications to and from .page websites and pages are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) . According to Google, this helps keep connections to .page domains  secure and helps prevent ad malware and tracking injections. (See the blog post here.) In their effort to help make the web more secure, Google’s Domain  Registry launched .app, .page, and .dev, all of which are on the HSTS  preload list.(You can learn more about each of these at get.app, get.page, and get.dev, respectively.) Webmasters can load other domains with other extensions onto the HSTS  preload list, but Google launched these domains with the security built  in. I support the movement to make the internet more secure, and .page  is the most general of these three domain extensions, so it seemed to be  a good fit for my personal webpage.

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